Art Direction by POINT STUDIO

Photography by POINT STUDIO

Set Design by POINT STUDIO


Model : Kankit 

POINT Magazine

JAN Cover

Jan  2018 


Year after year, the city is experiencing a face-lift and people's hearts rapid change. But no matter how the streets change, how the buildings demolish, and how you move from this area that, these bright and colorful chain logos have always been shining. They are your true traveling companions over these years, they are ubiquitous onlookers - like a needle connecting all the past , present and future together.


The 2018 POINT STUDIO cover story, starting with a simple plastic bag, sprouts the reflection about the city and the time - as the hardest things in the new era to be wiped out, the plastic bags are the best symbols to represent “now”, but at the same time too trivial to be easily discarded. Its various imprints are the masterpieces of every age, but once the time passes, it would also be easily forgotten. The More trivial the things are, the more they makes intriguing memories. And hence a simple plastic bag is the most direct confession of "now”.